Buying Subprime Mortgage Leads

Buying Subprime Mortgage LeadsIn the world of mortgage lead lingo, some terms are more complex than others. Many a mortgage lead novice has been fooled by the phrase “subprime mortgage lead”. Subprime mortgage leads, often referred to as non-prime mortgage leads or specialty financing leads, is a subtle way of referring to someone who lacks good credit.

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Mortgages – Some Important Items To Consider

Mortgages - Some Important Items To Consider1. Interest only mortgages. These loans can be very dangerous. The buyer pays interest only for a set number of years, usually seven. After that they must pay the principal amount and interest for the remaining part of the loan, often tripling the amount of their monthly obligation. Home owners can be fooled into purchasing a home they cannot afford.

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How to Short Refinance

How to Short RefinanceThe nationwide housing slump has led to an epidemic of underwater mortgages. Many homeowners are dealing with ballooning loan payments, unmanageable interest rates and owe more on their mortgages than their homes are worth. Short refinancing can be a viable option for those seeking relief from upside down mortgage situations. Learn more about what this powerful form of debt Continue reading

Bad Credit Home Equity Loan – What Are Your Options?

Bad Credit Home Equity Loan - What Are Your Options?Are you in need of a bad credit home equity loan, or think your credit is so bad that no one will give you a home equity loan? This is what most people in your shoes believe, but the truth is, there are lenders who lend money to people just like you every day.

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Home Financing Demand Up

Home Financing Demand UpNew applications for US mortgages rose for the first time in five weeks. Demand for home refinance loans jumped to its highest level in 14 years as interest rates hit 20 year lows. The report serves as a rare bit of good news for a housing market which has struggled since federal tax credits for home buyers expired in April.

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Lowest Home Mortgage Rates

Lowest Home Mortgage RatesOwning a house was never as easy as it is now. With the increasing competition among lenders, we are witnessing an unprecedented boom in home loans. They have made moving into a new or a larger home a relatively easy possibility. Millions of people owe the roofs over their heads to some form of home loan.

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Reasons Why Companies Use Asset Based Financing

Reasons Why Companies Use Asset Based FinancingAnybody can fall on hard times financially, including businesses. Many of them will have a difficult time getting any financing in these difficult times as well. Some of them will turn to asset based financing options to help them get what they need.

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Jumbo Mortgage Loans – 4 Things to Watch Out For

Jumbo Mortgage Loans - 4 Things to Watch Out ForIf you are in the market for a Jumbo Mortgage Loan, a loan that exceeds the $417,000 limit for single family residences set by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, you will want to consider your options carefully before making a decision. Below are four things to watch out for while choosing your lender:

1. Higher Interest Rates

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Loan Modification Tips

Loan Modification TipsAn increasingly popular alternative to foreclosure is the loan modification, an agreement where the bank and borrowers reduce the cost of the loan for a period of time to allow payments to be made on time. A loan modification is much like a mortgage refinance in that the objective is to find you a more affordable mortgage payment for your financial situation. Refinancing your existing mortgage Continue reading

What If I Am Late On A Mortgage?

What If I Am Late On A Mortgage?Mortgage Payment History

Your mortgage payment history is a critical part of your credit score.

How you pay your mortgage is something other mortgage lenders look at very closely if you are looking to buy another property or refinance.

This is usually more important to a mortgage lender than any other payment problem on a credit report.

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